As a specialised media agency for branch store retailers, MEDIA CENTRAL Gesellschaft f├╝r Handelskommunikation und Marketing mbH not only coordinates the distribution of advertising brochures, image brochures and shopping coupons, but also related services ranging from distribution region planning through to quality management.

Investment reasons for Odewald KMU

With an annual distribution volume of more than 6.5 billion brochures, MEDIA CENTRAL ranks today as one of the leading specialised media agencies in Germany. The company’s outstanding market position is based on its combination of price leadership, which derives from bundling distribution volumes across all customers, with a full service approach that is accompanied by high quality standards. The investment case is to expand the market position in the relatively non-cyclical and continued growth market for brochure advertising in Germany and other European countries. The range of services is also to be continuously expanded through both organic and acquisition-driven growth.

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