Producer of complex, precise and very small machined components made from nonferrous metals (titanium, copper etc) according to the design instructions of its customers, which derive predominantly from the medical technology area. The company has positioned itself as a provider offering high quality and reliability on a highly fragmented, although increasingly consolidating market.

Investment reasons for Odewald KMU

Helmut Klingel has achieved an outstanding market position over recent years, and today serves numerous renowned customers from high-growth market segments such as dental technology, other medical technology, measuring and controlling technology, and optoelectronics. Superstructures for dental implants, sensor and amplifier housings, and precision parts for spinal column implants, among other products, are manufactured mostly on standard machines. The company enjoys very good growth prospects, both with new customers in market segments that are already relevant today, and on new markets. Additional potential also lies in the acquisition of customers in European countries outside Germany.

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