Heizkurier manufactures and rents mobile heating systems to business customers like the sanitary installation sector. Areas of application include the modernisation of residential heating units, construction heating, generation of industrial and process heat and hot water supply for festivals and events. Additionally, Heizkurier designs and manufactures custom heating solutions (e.g. external heating rooms) for industrial and business customers.

Investment reasons for Odewald KMU

Heizkurier is a leading provider of mobile heating solutions in Germany. The company is known for its broad and reliable product portfolio amongst renowned customers from different industries. The high product quality is ensured by sophisticated manufacturing processes and the use of high-grade components made in Germany.
Odewald KMU plans, in the context of a succession plan, to invest in the rental park and new locations to increase market penetration and thus significantly participate in the anticipated market growth. Strategic add-on acquisitions offer further growth options in adjacent European countries.

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