Investment criteria

Our Odewald & Compagnie III fund, which is currently in the investment phase, typically makes investments in well-established family owned and managed companies that have grown successfully, or in attractive subsidiaries of German or internationally leading companies. Prospective portfolio companies should also exhibit the potential to be developed to positions of national or international market leadership, and to be led by experienced and growth-oriented management teams that are prepared to engage entrepreneurially with an investment. Odewald & Compagnie III generally aims to acquire majority interests, although qualified minority interests are also possible in individual cases. We invest on a cross-sector basis with a focus on companies from the specialised mechanical engineering, business services, IT, energy, medical technology and healthcare sectors.

With an equity volume of EUR 610 million, the investment focus of the Odewald & Compagnie III fund is on high-growth SMEs in the German-speaking region with sales of up to EUR 400 million, and equity investments of between EUR 30 million and EUR 50 million per transaction.

The „Current portfolio“ area presents current Odewald & Compagnie investments.

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