Today, the Oberberg Group ranks as the leading German specialist clinic group for inpatient treatment of private patients with mental illnesses in Germany. The group operates three specialised private acute-care clinics whose range of services are tailored to the needs of individuals suffering depression, dependency, burnout and anxiety. The Oberberg model focuses on careful attention to patients’ emotional profiles. This approach forms the basis for an intensive, individual and innovative therapeutic process, enabling individuals to enjoy sustained recovery, and rapid reintegration into their working lives.

Investment reasons for Odewald & Compagnie

The Oberberg clinics’ business model offers considerable growth potential. The number of patients suffering mental illness has risen continuously for more than two decades, for example. A highly fragmented market also offers numerous growth opportunities. Such opportunities are to be realised primarily through regional expansion (further clinics located in core regions), the tapping of new indication areas, and an expansion of the business model through the targeted extension of the range of consultation and therapy on offer to outpatients. Along with controlled organic growth, targeted acquisitions are also planned.

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