Odewald & Compagnie

As an entrepreneurial investment partner, Odewald & Compagnie generally acquires majority interests in profitable SMEs holding strong potential, generating sales of up to EUR 400 million, and which are located in the German-speaking region. For each transaction, we invest between EUR 30 million and EUR 50 million of equity in our investments’ growth.

As the leading German independent investment company, Odewald & Compagnie has utilised the three investment funds that it has set up since 1998 to invest more than
EUR 1 billion of equity into 22 companies. In the past approximately 15 years, we have consequently created sustainable values for our portfolio companies and our funds’ investors, making significant contributions to the positive developments of the SME sector as a foundation of the German economy.

We think entrepreneurially, and aim for long-term growth as shareholders. Above and beyond the provision of growth capital, rapid and professional decisions ensure the structural, process-based and personnel-related further development of our investments.

As an “entrepreneur fund”, Odewald & Compagnie stands for German business virtues and clear values: independence, entrepreneurial thinking, partnership and experience.

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