Philosophy & values

Capital and know-how are the decisive factors driving entrepreneurial success. ODEWALD has been providing private equity capital and strategic expertise to SMEs in the German-speaking region since 1997, and has made significant contributions to the enhancement of the competitiveness and value of renowned medium-sized companies over this period.

We are convinced that our success is quite significantly determined by our values. These values define the professional and trusting behaviour within our team, the way we approach companies and entrepreneurs, and our investors, business partners and society overall. We are:

  • Independent

    The success, and consequently the value appreciation of the portfolio companies in which we are invested through the funds that we advise, form the focus of our dealings and activities on behalf of our independent investors. Our independence as a partner-managed private equity company since our inception in 1997 plays a critical role in enabling us to meet this claim.

  • Entrepreneurial

    We create added value for our investors and companies with our combination of investment experience, professionalism and operational know-how. We think entrepreneurially, and sustainably enhance the value of our portfolio companies through strategic support, access to our network, and the provision of capital.

  • Partnership-oriented

    We are convinced that team spirit and mutual respect lead to success. It goes without saying that fairness, transparency, respect and trust form the basis of how we interact with each other, with our investors and co-shareholders, our portfolio companies’ management teams and employees, as well as our market partners.

  • Experienced

    Our partners’ many years of operational management experience creates a significant competitive edge. It lends strength to our decision-making processes, and forms the foundation of our excellent network, which comprises successful entrepreneurs, experienced supervisory and advisory board members, as well as leading consultants.

  • German

    Trust is our most important capital, and openness and reliability determine our dealings and activities. As a German private equity capital-provider with many years of entrepreneurial and corporate history, our roots extend deep into our country’s culture, and we are committed to the sustained success of the SME sector in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, of which we regard ourselves as forming a part.

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