In 1997, Dr. Jens Odewald, a top manager of many years’ standing and former CEO of Germany’s Kaufhof retail group, turned his vision into reality: with Odewald & Compagnie, he founded in Berlin one of the first and to date leading German independent private equity partnership for SMEs. By as early as 1998, he had already raised EUR 110 million of capital for the first investment fund, Odewald & Compagnie I, which was invested in growing companies over the subsequent years.

This fund was followed in 2001 by a further fund, Odewald & Compagnie II, with a EUR 410 million volume. Its capital was invested in investments in medium-sized companies. Since 2007, Odewald & Compagnie has been making investments from its Fund III, EUR 610 million in size. With Odewald KMU, a EUR 150 million fund was created in 2008 to make targeted investments in profitable, high-growth SMEs, and which has today five companies in its portfolio. The Odewald & Compagnie I and II funds have already been fully realised, having tapped growth potentials for its portfolio companies, and achieving attractive returns for its investors.

In the approximately 15 years since our company was founded, the ODEWALD funds have invested more than EUR 1 billion of equity in SMEs in the German-speaking region. Today, four partners in each fund manage the two companies Odewald & Compagnie Gesellschaft für Beteiligungen mbH and Odewald KMU Gesellschaft für Beteiligungen mbH. Drawing on their entrepreneurial background, these partners offer the portfolio companies strategically, financially and operationally valuable expertise, thereby generating attractive returns for investors in the ODEWALD funds.

Dr. Jens Odewald is today the chairman of the Group Supervisory Board, contributing his rich entrepreneurial experience and outstanding contacts to ODEWALD’s network.

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